Women's Global Leadership Conference in Energy 2024

November 19-20, 2024 | Marriott Marquis Houston | Houston, TX

Speaker Name
Katie Zimmerman
Job Title
Decarbonization Director, Americas

Wood’s Katie Zimmerman is a prominent energy industry leader highly experienced in engineering and technical solutions for energy transition.

Named one of the industry’s Top 50 women in hydrogen by the Hydrogen Economist and a Woman Who Means Business by the Houston Business Journal, Katie is an expert in hydrogen and carbon capture – two of the world’s fastest growing clean energy solutions.

Based in the world’s energy capital, Houston, Texas, Katie’s own career story began in oil and gas as a process engineer for offshore and shale market sectors. Seeing the opportunities for new energies to achieve net zero, Katie now plays a leading role in developing solutions for decarbonization to reduce emissions and helping the world’s energy companies effectively deliver major clean hydrogen and carbon capture projects.



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