Women's Global Leadership Conference in Energy 2024

November 19-20, 2024 | Marriott Marquis Houston | Houston, TX

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The 20th Women’s Global Leadership in Energy Conference (WGLC) champions the next generation of leaders in the energy industry as well as the pioneers who help guide them today. Through presentation of quality industry content, insightful dialogue, professional development opportunities and expansive networking, we foster a community where women and their allies thrive, driving innovation and progress in the energy sector. This conference provides a unique forum for women from the leading energy companies worldwide to address tomorrow’s leadership, today.
The call for speakers is open until May 31st. Beyond this date, you will no longer be able to submit. The advisory board will review all submissions and the WGLC team will make the final decisions and notify you by June 30th.

We are accepting applications on the following topics:

Professional development

  • Communication strategies – how to have difficult conversations.
    – Within day-to-day business
    – Building your career
    – Diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I)
    – What skills do you need to be an effective communicator? How do you gain or improve these skills relating to difficult topics? 
  • Male allyship – diversity and inclusion are collective responsibilities. 
    – Driving a culture of inclusion
    – Encouraging a culture where everyone promotes DE&I
    – How to advocate for the advancement of women

  • Socioeconomic awareness – it’s important to set realistic expectations.  
    – Defining success in your personal and professional life
    – People have different resources available – time, family, finances
    – Self-care – it’s different for everyone (and that’s ok!)
    – How can creating a support network and facilitating open discussion help you create and achieve balance?

  • Uncommon careers – how to maximize transferable skills. 
    – Energy as a second career
    – Have you moved from the traditional oil & gas industry to an adjacent sector?
    – Are you a veteran who has joined the civilian workforce?
    – What can we learn, and what can we teach?

  • The workplace of the future 
    – Physical space considerations
    – Hybrid working: the good, the bad, and the ugly
    – The impact of hybrid working on DE&I, engagement, and recruitment
    – How to build your brand in a hybrid environment

  • Making the transition from technical to leadership 
    – What skills do you need?

    – How do you demonstrate leadership qualities?
    – How do you effectively manage this change?
    – How do you build your toolkit for promotion?

  • Technology & innovation 
    – How does evolving technology affect communication and collaboration?
    – Does technology enhance DE&I?
    – What is the impact of AI and automation on the skills required for teamwork and leadership in a digital environment?

  • Mentorship, sponsorship and leadership 
    – Step up and lead if you want to be a leader
    – How do you set yourself up as a mentor? And why should you look for mentoring opportuities?
    – What makes a good mentor?

Industry topics

  • Mega M&A
    – Why now? What will happen in 2025, and beyond?
    – Industry outlook and impact on a business level
    – Personal implications – what happens if my company is merged or acquired?
    – What can I be doing now to set myself apart from the crowd and build my personal brand

  • Technology & innovation 
    – Industry outlook on the evolution of AI, automation and digitalisation
    – How will technology change jobs of the future?
    – What are the latest trends?
  • Emissions reduction strategies 
    – How effective are current and future strategies for reducing carbon dioxide and methane emissions?
    – What is the role of advanced technologies?
    – What is the impact of renewable integration, energy efficacy measures and sustainable practices?

  • EV charging 
    – Latest infrastructure investment and expansion
    – Standards and interoperability
    – Urban and rural disparities
    – Battery technology advancements


NEW for 2024 – video submission process. Please submit a 90-second video to introduce yourself and provide a summary of your presentation. Include your provisional title, what you plan to discuss and what attendees will learn from you. Be engaging and confident!

We have implemented a video submission process this year to ensure the quality of our speakers and the event content overall. Speaker coaching and support will be available when your presentation is accepted.

Key tips for a successful submission

  • Follow the guidelines – ensure your video meets the specified length and requirements.
  • Start with a clear and engaging introduction. Introduce yourself, your background and why you’re passionate about the topic you want to speak on.
  • Clearly articulate the relevance of your proposed topic to the conference theme and target audience. Explain why your perspective or expertise is valuable.
  • Communicate the value attendees will gain from your presentation. Highlight key takeaways and how your talk addresses current trends, challenges or provides unique insights.
  • Show passion and enthusiasm for your subject.
  • Ensure your video reflects a high level of professionalism. Pay attention to video and audio quality, lighting and your overall presentation. Dress appropriately.
  • Be concise and to the point. You have 90 seconds so use this time wisely. Capture the essence of your proposal without unnecessary details – preparation and rehearsal are key.

Remember that your video is not just about your content but also about how you present yourself. Be authentic, showcase your expertise and demonstrate why you are the right speaker for the conference.

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